Bring Home A Sense Of Serenity With Caesarstone’s New Whitelight Collection


caesarstone arabetto white gray veining

Amid the ever-changing landscape of our lives, homeowners are seeking a sense of wellness and serenity in the home. A place where connections to nature, warmth and ease of living come into play.

The kitchen is no exception, with surface innovators, like Caesarstone, jumping in to provide countertop solutions that capture the organic beauty of the outdoors with the reliability of time-tested materials. Caesarstone’s new Whitelight Collection is a perfect example, with its array of light, neutral hues and unparalleled durability and performance.

caesarstone aterra blanca countertop

A Beacon of Light

Debuted at KBIS Virtual in February, Caesarstone’s Whitelight Collection of quartz surfaces features clean and straightforward neutrals that instill kitchens with warmth and homeowners with peace of mind. In addition to the collection’s five color offerings—Calacatta Maximus (Caesarstone’s reimagined Calacatta Gold), 5151 Empira White, 5143 White Attica, 1111 Vivid White and 5031 Statuario Maximus—come two new neutrals: 5171 Arabetto and 5112 Aterra Blanca. Fresh, sophisticated, inviting and embracing, both will be available to consumers in March.

“Whitelight so perfectly reflects the best of what we do at Caesarstone into two perfectly designed new colors,” says Elizabeth Margles, vice president of marketing at Caesarstone North America. “They distill the earthy warmth of the outdoors into a sophisticated backdrop for our everyday lives. We are proud to continue to lead the industry with design innovations and surfaces that are guaranteed for a lifetime.”

caesarstone arabeto on blue kitchen island

5171 Arabetto: Flowing Beauty

The endless possibilities of movement and pattern found in natural stone were the inspiration for 5171 Arabetto. Like marble, it leaves a lasting impression, featuring a galaxy of gray stripes and specks that span across a crisp white surface. The result is a complex composition of minerals with a delicate threading of jade and copper throughout highlighted with a polished finish.

“Arabetto expresses Caesarstone’s design passion and craftsmanship, which pass carefully from our hands to clients worldwide by tracing the beauty of nature in stone,” Margles says.

Arabetto offers many creative options, playing dress-up with brushed-gold and chrome hardware, or kept sleek with stainless steel. Dark cabinetry contrasts its lighter shades perfectly, while off-white panels and flooring can keep the room aloft. A high-end trend for walnut furniture blends the wood with the rich grain of this slab.

caesarstone aterra blanca kitchen table

5112 Aterra Blanca: Graceful Timelessness

The strength and grace of natural marble drove the makings of 5112 Aterra Blanca. Incorporating Caesarstone’s latest technologies, it achieves a translucent, misty white base that brings out depth in the surface and in its fine earthy veins.

Versatility is a hallmark of this color, adapted to accommodate a range of styles: classic, country, minimal and sleek, included. Aterra Blanca blends well with darker woods and concrete, but also works well with upholstered seating, reflecting its robust materiality.

“Aterra Blanca is a special piece of the earth brought into the home, washed in white and wrapped in the smoothness of Caesarstone’s durable surface,” Margles says.

Life Made Easy

As with all Caesarstone products, the Whitelight Collection delivers the best of nature and technology, resulting in a high-quality quartz that is nonporous, durable, flexible, scratch- and stain-resistant, mold- and mildew-resistant, and lower maintenance than other natural surface materials. Sealing is never needed. For more information, visit