A Lively Tile Series Puts Texas Artisans On Display


Clay Imports offers thoughtfully crafted and responsibly sourced tile from around the world at its Austin showroom. Always on the lookout for new designs and unique stories, the company frequently encounters local interior designers and other creatives who have the potential to make beautiful tile. With that in mind, the company decided to launch an Artist Tile Series featuring collaborations between Texas artisans and global crafters.

The aim of pairing regional and international talent was to fashion innovative tile while fostering learning, understanding and friendship, but local makers have also gotten a special chance to expand their work into a practical and permanent application. Clay Imports carefully curates each collection and regularly scouts for potential new partners at home and abroad.

Austin-based participants have included Ayse Iyriboz of Ayse Design (above), Elizabeth Mollen of Stone Textile Studio, Stephanie Sandoval of Stepha Works (below), and David Bravo of Bravo Interior Design–each matched with a global tile crafter based in countries such as Mexico, Turkey and Vietnam. Available by the piece with no minimum order from Clay Imports’ showroom and website, these collaborative works help clients of all kinds create an original look in spaces both big and small.