Find Out What Compels These Alabama Architects To Create


seating area with wolf on table


Architects John Sease and Chris Tippett met as students at Auburn University before joining forces with David Baker at McAlpine, where they worked as partners for 20 years. In 2018, the Montgomery-based trio struck out on their own, forming Tippett Sease Baker Architecture. Below, they tell Luxe what compels them to create. 

What about practicing architecture gets you out of bed in the morning? JS: Solving the problem; discovering and designing the perfect detail. 

What is home? DB: A place to witness nature—whether by a window bay, terrace, loggia, balcony, cabana or porch. There is no better therapy than the warmth of sunlight, the voice of the wind, the symphony of water, the aroma of a garden, the sounds of nature. 

Current favorite material palette: JS: Stacked rock walls with a wood shake roof.

Guilty pleasure design feature: JS: A small, quiet room with a low ceiling as a retreat off of a larger, more voluminous one. 

On timeless architecture: CT: There is poetry in nature; the character of a building should be a product of its surroundings to live well and age gracefully.