Emtek Transforms Everyday Door And Cabinet Hardware Into Design Essentials


The most overlooked aspects of design are often the most integral, defining a home’s overall look and feel. Lighting, area rugs, window coverings and door hardware rank high on the list of such details, the latter perhaps the most impactful of them all.

Emtek, a leader in premium residential hardware offerings for North America, wholly agrees, transforming these everyday essentials into personal expressions of style. In the hands of their craftsmen, knobs, pulls, levers, rosettes and more, mix and match with endless finish and aesthetic options. Think cabinet pulls in oil-rubbed bronze for a Tuscan feel, matte black door hinges for a Craftsman style or white marble knobs for a classic take on tradition.

emtek hardware on vanity

Imagination Is A Must

Whether for a kitchen, bath or closet, or every entry point of a home, Emtek’s expansive hardware selection offers clients the opportunity to customize and personalize according to their needs and stylistic vision. Any manner of door hardware can be pieced together in any available combination or finish for an individualized look.

All of Emtek’s products are made to order from its Southern California facility, with high quality and quick delivery a constant in every design. As an added benefit for homeowners and trade pros, customization and personalization are available without any additional upcharges or lead times.

emtek clear and gold hardware

Mixology At Its Finest

Over the past year, Emtek has enhanced its offerings, expanding its Emtek Select Lever program to include marble and straight knurled grips, and launching Select Cabinet Hardware this past November. These new Emtek Select products take customization to the next level by allowing the user to choose between rosette style, stem style and knob/lever style; then mix finishes in new ways for thousands of combinations. Its latest introduction includes new Select Knob styles added this February 2021.

emtek hardware door handles

To meet the increasing demand for all things texture, from fixtures to furniture details, Select offers even more choices in this category, including faceted, hammered, white marble, and the proprietary Tribeca “wave” grips. “We designed Emtek Select as a next-level way to ‘mix and match’ hardware,” says Will Zhang, creative director and industrial designer. “The modular platform allows us to easily add new pieces, whether they are textured grips or different stem designs, and each addition creates massive multitudes of options that our customers can design with.”

emtek round hardware

With Emtek, door hardware is no longer just a means for opening, closing or securing a space, it is the new essential element of design. One that makes a statement … a personal statement. Visit Emtek’s online Product Selector to bring any custom creation to life.