GROHE Crafts Elegance Engineered To Endure With Ladylux® L2


grohe ladylux l2

The idea the kitchen must be a high-function, practical space is somewhat inarguable. But that doesn’t mean the room can’t be a style stunner, too. In fact, we think its multifaceted nature only makes the aesthetics more essential. GROHE certainly believes so—such was the inspiration behind its Ladylux Faucets. Though the collection has long been a favorite of homeowners and design pros alike, it was recently reimagined in every way. Ladylux L2 is here.

grohe ladylux l2


The fresh iteration of the lineup boasts eight styles, each embodying all of the aesthetic characteristics for which the original Ladylux is known. Every piece has contemporary appeal, with a sleek base and, in some models, a lever handle. German engineering ensures that movements remain silky smooth for years to come, while the design exudes a modern elegance of timeless proportions.

When asked what they most appreciate about their Ladylux Faucets, GROHE’s clients often comment the pieces complement the rest of their kitchen. The collection features a classic look, making the faucets ideal in a room where renovations are a once-in-a-decade (if that) undertaking. A Ladylux L2 product can be a seemingly ageless contribution to a new design or a quick, yet impactful way to reinvigorate an existing one.

grohe spray


Ladylux L2 promises to enhance your prep and cooking chops. Whether you need a pullout dual-spray faucet, a two-handle wall-mounted pot filler or a beverage faucet with filtration, Ladylux L2 has a solution for the way you work in the kitchen.

Hands-free technology makes messy fingers a problem of the past and enables homeowners to clean more hygienically than ever before. And, a revolutionary triple-spray feature offers regular and shower options, as well as the brand-new forceful blade-spray. The latter, in particular, promises to become a top pick. Greasy, sticky, saucy everything will melt away in one pass when met with the pressure of this powerful mode.

The docking system features built-in magnets that attract and hold the spray head securely in place, preventing errant water from invading the rest of the kitchen even when little ones are joining in on tasks.

State-of-the-art technology and engineering plus thoughtful, refined design … GROHE’s Ladylux L2 collection brings an ideal culinary partner to the kitchen.