Make An Impact In Any Room With These Dramatic Porcelain Tile Panels


As porcelain tile panels continue to generate buzz for their durability, high-end look and versatility, industry leader Crossville is offering up refined options for designers and homeowners looking to achieve maximum impact with minimal effort.

crossville neutral living room porcelain tile

Make an easy focal point of any residential area with Crossville’s porcelain tile panels. (Interior Design: Kim Scodro Interiors)


Crossville’s porcelain tile panels are the perfect way to introduce elegance and grandeur to an otherwise blank slate. Ideal for covering expansive surface areas, these large-format panels are an impressive 3.3 by 9.84 feet in size.

Despite their magnificent proportions, the panels are impressively thin with a profile of only 3 to 5 millimeters. The sizing allows for easy installation—even directly over preexisting tile or stone for an instant upgrade. Because the product is thin, each panel can be custom cut to fit the shape, size and curvature of unique installations.

crossville living room

Large-format tile panels camouflage a hidden door in the living room of this Atlanta high-rise. (Interior Design: Annysa LaMantia Design, Photography: Fredrik Brauer)


The Tennessee-based company turned to Northern Italy’s Apuan Alps for inspiration in designing its latest collections. Ultimately, it was Pietra del Cardoso—a rich blue-grey sandstone with delicate white veining, mined exclusively in this mountain range—that served as Crossville’s muse.

The result: two colorways that breathe luxury into any space. Pietra-Di-Cardoso Grigio, a stately gray tone, and Pietra-Di-Cardoso Nero, a nuanced black, are durable enough to work on any surface yet stunning enough to be a natural focal point. Both are available in a matte or flamed finish, which grants a smooth sheen to the final product.

crossville nero living room

Crossville’s In-Side porcelain panel tile in the Pietra-Di-Cardoso Nero color lends this expansive room a sense of balance and tranquility.


Perhaps the most promising aspect of porcelain tile panels is their versatility. They can act as a façade, skinning the exterior of buildings, or a as a sleek surface, lining the floors, walls, ceilings and countertops of interiors. The porcelain panels are also highly scratch-proof, suitable for any weather condition, easy to clean, and sustainable.

crossville black brown fireplace

Inside a luxury apartment complex, a double-sided fireplace looks sleek and welcoming thanks to its minimal grout lines, stone-like appearance and smooth finish. (Interior Design: Jose Ibarra)

crossville porcelain tile bathroom shower

Porcelain tile panels flank the floor and ceiling of this dramatic walk-in shower. (Interior Design: Michelle Workman)

“With complementary hues and authentic texture, our collections give designers a contemporary solution for skinning walls and flooring,” says Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville’s vice president of marketing.For more information, please visit