Explore The Abstract World Of Famed Midcentury Artist Adaline Kent


The cover of artist Adaline Kent's book.

In one of her notebooks, sculptor Adaline Kent wrote of her artistic process, “I want to hear the click of authenticity,” an idea that fueled her work.

After studying under sculptor Ralph Stackpole in San Francisco and Antoine Bourdelle in Paris, Kent set up a studio in North Beach in 1929. Her abstract pieces were influenced by everything from her travels to the concept of infinity to the natural world. She became one of the midcentury’s most innovative creators, her name linked to modernist artists like Ruth Asawa and Mark Rothko.

Out January 31, Adaline Kent: The Click of Authenticity is the first major monograph of the artist to be published in 60 years and includes an extensive chronology of her work, text by scholars, and a selection of sculptures, photographs and rarely seen pieces. rizzoliusa.com