A Design Team Seamlessly Links Indoor And Outdoor Spaces


Outer Limits: P&H Interiors

Blurring the line between interior and exterior in a home: Can it really be done?

Sliding glass doors often replace solid walls, but fusing inner and outer spaces requires more. Designers Susan Connor, Marisa Courson and Jessica Rockwood of P&H Interiors united the taste of a couple (he’s traditional; she’s contemporary) inside their Lighthouse Point home.

Then they linked indoors and outdoors via materials and color. Brick on the kitchen ceiling reappears as veneer on the summer kitchen’s pizza oven. Quartzite countertops are replicated on the patio’s bar and fireplace. Blue on the island emerges outside on accent pillows and side tables. And, of course, the most obvious azure reference points, the sky and sea, are insightful creations by the most powerful designer of all.