Channel Your Inner Dorothy Draper With Sasha Bikoff x Kindel


loop de loop chest

Loop de Loop Carnevale (Photo Courtesy Kindel Grand Rapids)

Add a touch of whimsy to any room with the playful Loop de Loop chest.

The piece, available in bold primaries or more muted pastels, is the result of Sasha Bikoff’s new product collaboration with Kindel Grand Rapids. A celebration of global style and American artisans, the chest truly reflects the celebrated interior designer’s bold style.

“Sasha has been a fan of Kindel for a while,” says Denis Granda, the company’s director of design and product development, noting that what differentiates the 120-year-old brand is its craftspeople: “We make heritage pieces and help designers bring their ideas to life.”

For Bikoff, those ideas stem from retro flair, maximalist leanings and European influences. She took some time to discuss the Loop de Loop chest, the great Dorothy Draper and the role of artisans in making pieces that will last.

Everything about this chest—the colorways, the gold loops, the ball feet—is glamorous and fun, which pretty much sums you up as well. Can you speak to your style?

I’m a huge fan of Dorothy Draper. Hollywood Regency has always inspired my work, whether it’s lacquered walls or the use of black-and-white. That era embodies a femininity that is so powerful.

Your passion for Hollywood Regency is equally matched by your love of French and Italian design. How did you meld those together?

We’re living in this global world where people are decorating with furnishings and designs from all over. It creates this maximalism play. Dorothy Draper was really inspired by Baroque. So, I tapped into what inspired me in Italy and that was the color palette of places I’ve visited in Venice and Milan.

Kindel Grand Rapids is such an iconic American brand. What drew you to them?

I’ve always been in awe of everything that Kindel has, because it really represents this Hollywood glamour from the 1950s. I think of Marilyn Monroe, Slim Aarons and Palm Beach.

You visited the brand’s Michigan headquarters to see the craftspeople at work. It sounds pretty impressive.

I learned so much about the brand history and the heritage. There is something really amazing about visiting an American factory and seeing people working with their hands on such beautiful products. It makes you realize, “I’m not the only artist working on this.”

loop de loop dresser pastel

Loop de Loop Marchesi (Photo Courtesy Kindel Grand Rapids)