Timothy Whealon’s Dream Stylings Of His PFM Rugs


Styling Timothy Whealon's Collection Of Livable Heirlooms

Timothy Whealon’s collection with PFM offers a fresh take on classic design. Launched this spring, the interior designer’s assortment of rugs features natural, durable materials, such as wool, jute, silk and abaca, made to serve as a lasting focal point for any space. These livable heirlooms are truly worth building a room around, so we tapped Whealon to share how he would a design a space around five of our favorite pieces from his line.

Le Notre

Inspired by the aerial view of a formal garden, Le Notre is a hand-knotted wool rug, perfect for layering with exciting finds from different periods. For instance, Whealon says he would style Le Notre with a 19th-century antique bust, a pair of Propeller Stools in Fumed Ash with linen seats by Kaare Klint originally designed in 1930, and white anemones.

Magic Carpet


“I have always loved Bessarabian carpets and vintage kilims,” says Whealon. As such, Magic Carpet was designed to honor the timeworn classics while adding a modern sensibility to the style. Building off of the foliage elements, Whealon’s ideal setting for this rug includes one of Ellsworth Kelly’s Suite of Plant Lithographs on the wall, offset by Schumacher’s Avila Embroidery fabric and a few boxwood topiaries.

Luck Be A Lady


As a child, Whealon used to sit at the top of the stairs and listen to the women of his mother’s bridge club play cards. These fond memories prompted the creation of Luck Be A Lady, a rug modelled after a vintage playing card, which he imagines sharing space with Schumacher’s Ludo Wallpaper by David Oliver and Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s Pasha Side Table with Faux Ivory.



“Time is at the essence of all of life,” says Whealon, and he feels that jute, with its intricately intertwined stops and starts, was the perfect texture to express the timeworn symbol of the hourglass. To match this celebration of the passage of time, Whealon suggests pairing Hourglass with a Kaare Klint settee manufactured in the 1940s.

La Foce


Influenced by its namesake Italian estate, this rug features a design inspired by manicured garden hedges. The gradation of color and high-low pile truly brings the rug to life, which Whealon imagines accenting with a Line Vautrin mirror and a bronze Philippe Anthonioz chandelier.

Photos courtesy Timothy Whealon Interiors.