Behind The Creative Process For Lindsey Adelman’s New Lighting Studio


Talking Shop With Lindsey Adelman

Perhaps no current designer is more synonymous with lighting than Lindsey Adelman. Known for her custom installations, Adelman works with local artisans and American manufacturers to create fixtures made from glass, metal, marble and more. More recently, she opened an appointment-only studio that combines with her sales and designer offices on Lafayette Street in Manhattan.

What was the impetus for this new studio? I felt like my sales team was split up from everybody else. Now that everybody is together, I find that the process is much smoother from what our clients say they’re looking for all the way through the design process. And then that translates through the sales team back to the client. It’s more seamless.

Describe the creative process when designing the space. It was really natural and organic. I basically just pretended I lived in a loft–which I don’t–so it’s just like my favorite decor. It’s really like living out a fantasy.

What lighting fixtures do you display in the New York studio? It’s a rotating schedule–so it’s really fun to customize your own work. We’ll do at least two big switches per year, but small changes are on rotation all the time.

Tell us what clients can expect out of this space. A connection to the design team and me, which I think designers love. But because of the size, designers can have private conversations here with their clients, homeowners or whoever they want.