Set Your Alarm For 4 a.m. To Spend A Day Like Arizona Designer Mark Candelaria


As Candelaria Design celebrates 20 years in Arizona, Mark Candelaria has been at the forefront of some of Paradise Valley’s most luxurious, high-profile projects. His personalized approach extends to every aspect of the design and build process, and to his three new partners, who are a part of his firm’s bright future. “Our company-wide tagline is ‘Inspiring Living,’” says Candelaria. “Clients hire us for a lot more than our architecture. They want a home that takes the way they live to a higher level. That experience is infused into lasting memories in the home that we design for them.”

To celebrate this milestone time in his career, a book is in the works with the help of writer David Brown, which will showcase 25 homes over the past two decades, including the story behind each as well as a recipe. Here, Candelaria shares his perfect day in Arizona.

4 a.m. I’m an early riser–I get so much accomplished between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. It’s my favorite time of day. In the summer, I like to work out at home followed by a swim in the pool, or I go to The Village and get in a workout, spa and steam. I also enjoy mixing in some hikes up the 32nd Street and Lincoln Trail. Then I like to sit, reflect and meditate for about 20 minutes. Lastly, I spend 20 minutes planning and visualizing my day, reading and listening to podcasts.

8 a.m. If I haven’t had time to make myself a light breakfast at home, I swing by AJ’s or grab an avocado toast at The Henry.

10 a.m. I’m not much of a shopper, but I always love going to my wife Isabel’s showroom and studio, Earth and Images, to see all the fun treasures she finds from around the world. It is filled with art, furniture, lighting, fixtures, decor elements and thoughtful gifts, and she has a full-service design team that produces beautiful work.

2:00 p.m. Stop by Telluride Natural Stone and Reclaimed Wood is the only supplier of both natural stone and reclaimed wood in Arizona. Using these materials not only contributes to the sustainability of a project, but they are so versatile and can be used in commercial and residential applications, whether the style is rustic, contemporary or traditional.

4 p.m. Travel is a passion of mine, as evidenced by the design tours I host each year for my clients. The tours focus on the architecture and materials that have been utilized for centuries. Studio Ressource imports an ever-changing selection of imported reclaimed and rare architectural elements, building materials and antiques from Europe. There’s always something new to see!

6 p.m. I love dinner at Tratto or Tarbell’s. Both Chris Bianco and Mark Tarbell inspire me. They use local ingredients that are in season and both chefs are great guys and great chefs. They also always go out of their way to come over and say hello.