Enhance Your Home With This Dallas Designer’s Striking Stonework


natural stone fireplace

vertical natural stone mosaic pattern

vertical natural stone mosaic pattern

This Dallas designer’s latest work is rock solid. Denise McGaha’s newest Materials Marketing offerings include the addition of two fireplace designs and two entirely new lines: an exclusive group of five mosaic patterns ideal for flooring or vertical applications, and three stunning, hand-carved natural stone sinks available as a wall or deck mount. “I design custom products I can’t find on the market and these hand-carved sinks and mosaic tiles are based upon the items I need most for our design projects,” McGaha explains. “I was inspired to create these designs after spending so much time at home last year, reimagining our family spaces for enhanced living.”

The collection unites her multifaceted approach to interior design with Materials Marketing’s meticulous craftsmanship to create natural stone pieces with a timeless and versatile aesthetic. These fireplaces, mosaics and sinks are meant to complement each other when used in a single project, with each also designed to hold its own as a focal point. And they’re fully customizable in size and material. The options, as they say, are endless.