Shopping For Home Decor Or A Full Transformation? This Is Your Spot


Designer Julie Riggin in her studio and storefront Julie Kay Design

an armchair and ottoman with a blue pillow

A small landscape painting and different ceramic vases on a display shelf in Julie Kay Design shop

Amid the restaurants, fitness studios and shops that populate a strip mall near the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, a bright light beams out from the local design scene. Founded by designer Julie Riggin in 2022, the Julie Kay Design Studio + Storefront is equal parts interior design firm HQ and decor showroom.

At the fore of the sunlit space, a curated mix of texture-rich furnishings and accessories is arranged in inviting vignettes. Rugs, local artwork and shelves of plush pillows line the walls. At the back, there’s a full design resource library, where shoppers taken with Riggin’s fresh, approachable style can enlist her help selecting everything from wallpaper to fabric to tile.

“We’ll go all in with you,” Riggin says of her team’s hands-on approach. “If you’re looking to decorate a mantel, we’ll clear a space and do the styling on the spot.” It’s little wonder then that casual forays into this new destination often leads to full room—and even home—transformations.