A Furniture Designer Aims For Perfection Using Handmade Wood Pieces


Furniture designer Kevin Anderson crafting a piece out of wood in his studio

Detail shot of a wooden coffee table by Kevin Anderson

From dining sets to rocking chairs to coffee tables and closets, Lakewood-based furniture designer Kevin Anderson can make almost anything with wood. With a line of favorite designs launching soon, his practice reflects a full-fledged passion for creating functional, handmade fine art. Here, Anderson shares his unique voice.

Why is wood your preferred medium? The tactile nature of hardwood and its flexibility to be manipulated in a multitude of ways make it the perfect material for an always evolving creative process. Large amounts can be removed quickly with power tools, while finer details can be easily sculpted by hand. 

How would you describe your style? Something like “Danish modern meets contemporary minimalist,” but a better descriptor is simply functional. Every detail exists for a reason. Nothing is superfluous. How the piece is made informs those details, and each of them is grounded in the construction methods. 

What makes your designs and execution unique? How personal it is. This is my passion, my art and my craft. Every commission is an opportunity to grow as an artisan and designer. I’m on a journey to achieve perfection, and I love and embrace the fact that the last piece I ever make in my lifetime will be the closest I get to achieving it.