Bring The Colors Of Ireland Into Your Home With This New Paint Collection


Launch: General Paints Group

The beauty of Ireland is so iconic that people who haven’t even visited often recognize it (partly thanks to films such as Braveheart or TV shows like Game of Thrones). General Paints Group, a leading paint manufacturer from the European island, have traversed their homeland to recreate the colors of the country to bring them to the United States. Curator, a 144-shade collection–which marks the company’s U.S. debut–is a collaboration of 29 Irish designers and artisans.

“These artists are immersed in color on a daily basis, colors that are embedded into their work,” explains Rachel O’Connor, export director for the Curator collection. “While each of these designers work with different mediums, be it fabric, stone or bog oak–which is thousands of years old and holds a beautiful earthy, charcoal tone–they all quoted Ireland and their surroundings as their muse. In this collection, each designer has a color that means something special to them, that channels their life and art.” And that’s what this collection’s story tells: what it’s like to live, work and create in Ireland.