It’s All About Organic Desert Living At This Arizona Lifestyle Shop


pottery and hom decor at the lifestyled co boutique

After attending fashion school in Los Angeles, Kristen Forgione of The Lifestyled Co (4113 N. 44th St., Phoenix) returned to Arizona to fulfill her creative passion for color and design. After launching her first shop in Gilbert, she opened a flagship store in Arcadia. Both are meticulously designed and curated for a shopping experience where “organic desert living” comes to life. “The name The Lifestyled Co came from wanting to establish a translatable look in all areas of life,” says Forgione, “from fashion in my early days to interiors and back again.”

What’s currently catching your eye? The return of the warm palette! It’s incredible to see so many warm hues coming through in soft goods as well as hardscapes. We’re also still so onboard with all the texture: rattan, wovens, caning, narrow reed glass…so much goodness in anything but static surfaces.

Take us behind the scenes of The Lifestyled Co. We offer everything for a simplified living space, but with cohesion and depth. Clients want to rid their lives of excess, making sure each piece is calculated and necessary. It’s the best and highest level of trust. They tell me, “Make my space simpler, but ensure there is a story with organic desert living as the main star.”

kristen forgione and vince forgione portrait

Kristen Forgione of The Lifestyled Co with her husband, Vince, CEO and owner.