Behind A Historic Downtown Dallas Hotel’s Stylish Refresh


Behind A Historic Downtown Dallas Hotel's Stylish Refresh

Housed in an ornate Beaux Arts-style building that was commissioned by beer magnate Adolphus Busch, the Adolphus hotel has been part of downtown Dallas since 1912. During its long and lively life, it has welcomed A-list entertainers, U.S. presidents and British royalty. From 1930 to 1965, the hotel even played host to touring ice revues, thanks to a retractable ice skating rink located on its 19th floor.

The historic property’s interior, last refreshed in the 1980s, was recently spruced up by Dallas-based design firm Swoon, the Studio.

Unleashing an array of rich materials like marble, velvet, leather, wood paneling and gold leaf, Swoon respected the structure’s past and injected an air of youthful elegance to the public areas, eateries, bars, coffee shop and in-house boutique.

Swoon also retooled the hotel’s brand identity, stylishly updating everything from the logo to the stationery to the “do not disturb” signs.

Behind A Historic Downtown Dallas Hotel's Stylish Refresh